Issue 9
Issue 9: winter/spring 2010, Translation Issue

J. M. G. Le Clézio (translated by Alison Anderson) Hazaran

Gyula Krúdy (translated by John Batki) The Landlady, or: The Bewitched Guests

Bernard Quiriny (translated by Edward Gauvin) A Guide to Famous Stabbings

Fumiko Enchi (translated by Michael Emmerich) Black Hydrangea

Ervin Lázár (translated by Andrea Nemeth-Newhauser) from The Adventures of Benny Bean

Marco Denevi (translated by Lawrence Byrne) The Animals in the Ark


Mark Girshin (translated by Marian Schwartz) The Seaweed Mattress


Guillermo Carnero (translated by Fred Fornoff) La Hacedora de Lluvia (The Rainmaker)

Aleksandr Kushner (translated by Carol Ueland and Robert Carnevale) Here’s What I Envy

Manoel de Barros (translated by Idra Novey) Enunciado (Resigned) | O livro sobre nada (The Book About Nothing)

Seyhan Erozcelik (translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat) Yangin Gülü (Thiefrose) | Aygülü (Moonrose!) | Turnusol Gül Yapragi (Litmusrose) | Gül Reçeli (H-Rose) | Gül Kangren Oldu (Acherose) | Tabancamin Gülle Donatilmis Sapi (revolverrose)

Sir Thomas More (translated by Susan McLean) Latin Epigrams

Koliada Winter Songs (translated by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps) Song to a Young Man

Olivier de Magny (translated by J. Kates) Sonnet

Ernest Farrés (translated by Lawrence Venuti) Two Poems on Edward Hopper’s Paintings

Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo (translated by José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes) Mga Batang Taludtod (Innocent Lines)

Alberto Blanco (translated by John Oliver Simon) Otro mar más blanco (Another Whiter Sea) | Otro mar más verde (Another Greener Sea) | Otro mar más azul (Another Bluer Sea) | Otro mar más negro (Another Blacker Sea)

Chuya Nakahara (translated by Christian Nagle and Makiko Hayasaka) A Fairy Tale | Song for a Summer Day

Ngo Tu Lap (translated by Martha Collins and the author) Hà Nôi (Hanoi) | Giãc mo khác (The Other Dream)

Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna (translated by Fred P. Ellison) A Implosão da Mentira ou o Episódio do Riocentro (Implosion of the Lie or Episode at the Riocenter)

Gerrit Kouwenaar (translated by Nora Delaney) Drie Heldenzangen (Three Hero Songs)

Mariana Dan (translated by Adam J. Sorkin and the author) poarta (the gate) | oaspeții (guests) | moartea-i un vânt (death is a wind)