Issue 4
Issue 4: fall/winter 2007

John Barth Assisted Living

Kuzhali Manickavel The Dynamics of Windows

David Ramsey Powers

Nancy Reisman Another Kiss

Olga Slavnikova (translated by Marian Schwartz) from 2017

Katie Williams The Plan


Kelly Grey Carlisle Flotsam, Jetsam

Liz Prato Under the Sheets


John Ash Stations | The Women of Kars

Eliezer Azikri (translated by Sheri Allen) Beloved Soul

Erinn Batykefer Georgia O’Keeffe’s Red Hills with White Cloud

Todd Boss Turbulence: Three Exercises | Wooden Kitchen Matches

Luis Cernuda (translated by Stephen Kessler) Desolación de la Quimera (Desolation of the Chimera)

Jonathan Fink An Army Moves as Water Moves—

Barbara Hamby Ode on Dictionaries | Ode to Schmink | Monster Mambo

K. A. Hays It Is Easy Not to See the Mad

Richard Kenney Lives of the Romantics

Jennifer L. Knox Harmony: Bluegrass Duets

Jon Loomis Sandhill Cranes in Migration | On the Island of Women

Federico Garcia Lorca (translated by Mark Statman and Pablo Medina) La Aurora (Dawn) | Ciudad sin Sueño (City without Sleep)

Richard Lyons Mary Sends a Clipping of a Man Who Eats Stones

Karyna McGlynn [Daia bellycrawl into my room in weeds] | Postcoital Pippi

Wayne Miller A Treatise on Power (in 32 Strokes)

Floyd Skloot Butcher’s Apprentice

Jennifer K. Sweeney from Still Life with Egg

Meredith Walters Your Name Written on a Grain of Rice | How to Tell if You’ve Been Reincarnated | Brief Hist. of Contemp. Art | Blue Coat beside a Black Jacket | Forces Suspected but Never Observed | This Poem Happens in Spring

Zoë Ryder White Flight Pattern | Old Dutch Road–1982 | Jane’s Litany

Ginny Wiehardt Shotgun House