Issue 28/29

Issue 28/29: spring/summer 2020

E. O. Nessuna The Meniscus Stone

Kosiso Ugwueze Mr. and Mrs. Mad Person

Dmitry Glukhovsky (translated by Marian Schwartz) Oppenheimer

Joanna Pearson Amo, Amas, Amat

Patricia Bindert Fruits & Gifts

Charlie Sterchi Rescues

Wynne Hungerford Sacred Window Exhale

Kenneth Calhoun Weeper

Magdalen Powers The Burning Girl

Mark Jude Poirier This is Not How Good People Die

Charlie Sterchi FTHR


Paul Muldoon The Vikings

Sinéad Morrissey Parable

Stephen Yenser Last Judgment in New York 1961

Jake Crist Talent The Old Coaches | Stopping by Rural Decay after Last Call | Advent Quartet for Paul Celan

Shuzo Takiguchi (translated by Mary Jo Bang and Yuki Tanaka) Fairy’s Distance

Anna Lena Phillips Bell Each Leaf

Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Susan McLean) Progress (Fortscritt) Gravestone of a Young Girl (Grabmal Eines Junge Mädchens)

Parting (Abschied)In the Drawing Room (Im Saal) |

Richard Prins Pantoum by Aimé Césaire

Ian Pople Secretariat The Railway Children In Consequence

Laurence O’Dwyer The Girl with the Shovel Counter-tiller

Jehanne Dubrow Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

Natalie Shapero Say it to My Face

Fady Joudah Taurus

Scott Bailey Blue Moon

Margarita Rosa Crimson Collared

Parker Hobson [Theme Music Playing] Superterranean, Home Sick Excused Absence Specific Gravity

Cary Marcous At the All-Girls Dorm Coming to Almost

Matt Morton Rare Snow in Rome

Marie McGrath Cunt the Stars


Vix Gutierrez Dark Sky City

Chloe Lane Five Swimming Pools in Gainesville, Florida: Reviewed