Issue 11/12
Issue 11/12: winter/spring 2011

Edna O’Brien Inner Cowboy

Lauren Groff Eyewall

John Weir Katherine Mansfield


Erik Reece Remembering Guy Davenport


Knuts Skujenieks (translated by Bitite Vinklers) The Seed is Knocking | The Sky Cuckoos

Idra Novey Meanwhile the Watermelon Seed

Geri Doran The Habit

Marosa di Giorgio (translated by Adam Gianelli) Her skirt was filled with roses… | One of the eggs that mother set out…

Gabriel Fried The Children Are Reading | Abecedary

Jon Loomis The Babysitters

James Lasdun Lullabye | Woodpile

J. T. Barbarese Haloes | Why

Travis Mossotti Trivial Pursuit | Getting Arrested

Jeffrey Thomson Jokes

Christopher Cheney Limb Darkening

Maryann Corbett Grim

Erin Murphy Dear Fringe | Dear Winged

Jennifer Jabaily Roman Woman, Discovered at Max Gate | Little Goose

David Welch A Praise of Maps

Benjamin Vogt A Geologist’s Love

Murathan Mungan (translated by Deniz Perin) Mehmet

Alan Michael Parker A Fable for Our Anniversary

Russ Kesler Death and Variations

Amit Majmudar January’s Janizaries Marching West

Amorak Huey After-Hours Club

Dan Rosenberg Love Song in a Fit of Gin

Elizabeth Langemak Your Laugh

Kyle Dargan Reverence in the Atomic Age

Lucia Perillo Autothalamium | The HappyLite | To the Field of Scotch Broom That Will Be Buried by the New Wing of the Mall

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram Activation Energy | Hungry Like Red

Corey Ginsberg A Follow-up Poem to Sex with my Ex

Michael Loughran Drift | Drawings

Paul Violi from I.D., or Stolen Identities

Brian Nicolet Epistle (7/9/09)

Eunice Odio (translated by Keith Ekiss and Sonia P. Ticas) Suite of the Illuminated Ballerina

David Nolta Lecture on Italian Painting | What She Is Thinking

Bruce McCrae Into a Bar

Dawn Lonsinger zoo sonnet

Pablo Medina Back in the Day | Eight Ablutions

G. C. Waldrep Discrete Series: Apiary

Miguel Murphy Creosote

Alexandra Teague Widowed

Jay Hopler O, the Sadness Immaculate | Meditation

Les Murray The Inner Hands | High Rise

D. A. Powell Homesickness

Tanya Shcherbina (translated by J. Kates) In the Italian restaurant… | Paris

Rosa Alice Branco (translated by Alexis Levitin) Feast of Laughter

Kathleen Rooney Robinson Understands as He Stands at North Point & Fillmore

Billy Collins Delivery

Karen Holmberg First Word

Mark Irwin On Sunday, Sometimes

José Martí (translated by Melissa Garcia) Two Homelands

Eduardo Chirinos (translated by G. J. Racz) Poet’s Street

Eric Pankey Nineteen Essays

Randall Mann Larkin Street | India

Mark Wagenaar Chiropractic (Bootblacks & Light Bulbs)

Doug Ramspeck Field Guide in Snow

David Harris Ebenbach The sparrows gather nearby… | A fall:

Nico Alvarado After Lu Yu (I) | After Lu Yu (II) | Tropic

Joe Haldeman At the Gainesville, Florida, VA Hospital

Brent Newsom Pfc. Mason Buxton Wets a Hook

Geoffrey Brock Confluence

Steve Bradbury Ichetucknee Springs, “the Blue Hour” at Blue Hole—to Carl Furlow, in Memoriam