Issue 3
Issue 3: winter/spring 2007

Steve Almond Nixon Swims

Isobel English Nobody Came

Matt Freidson The Story of Joe from New Jersey

Laura Furman Here It Was, November

David Galef List of Lists

Frances Hwang Intruders

Sándor Márai (translated by George Szirtes) from The Rebels

Padma Viswanathan Naïve Art


Kent Annan Slap


Marceline Desbordes-Valmore (translated by Rosanna Warren) Les Roses de Saadi (The Roses of Saadi)

Jerry Harp Still Life Together

Lola Haskins From the Lake

Mel Kenne Answers from the Other

Deborah Landau The Lover’s Discourse Can Only Be Horizontal

James Longenbach Ghost Pond

Ann Lynn At Least by Me a Flood of Words

Mariana Marin (translated by Adam J. Sorkin & Daniela Hurezanu) Stapânita Mistress | Elegie Elegy

Eric Pankey Marginalia

D. A. Powell cosmos, late blooming

D. A. Powell and Haines Eason Cinescape: Rough Cut

Lynn Wagner The Thinker: First Female Study

Michael Waters First Poem

Charles Wright from Littlefoot

Charles Wuest Rosalind Find a Shadow | For a Few Days of Legend