Issue 15
Issue 15: winter/spring 2013

Peter Cameron After the Flood

Thomas Pierce The Real Alan Gass

Paul Theroux Another Necklace

Rebecca Scherm Cockfighting: Or, Overcoming Adversity
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay Small Fires

Vladislav Otroshenko (translated by Lisa Hayden) The Languages of Nimrod’s Tower

Barbara Fried The Half-Life of Nat Glickstein

Bennett Sims The Balloon


David Thacker “And by money, we mean hope…”
Nancy Morejón (translated by Pamela Carmell) Querencias (Homing Instincts)
Pamela Alexander Duet | Thus Quoth
Les Murray The Blame | I Wrote a Little Haiku
Ari Banias Your Wild Domesticated Inner Life
Jennifer Liberts Weinberg Together
Nathaniel Perry from Bizarre
Philip Alvaré Mambo Habana
Saara Myrene Raappana Winter Correspondence
Susan Comninos Sonnet for a Wart on My Hand
Charles Harper Webb Friar Towhee
Moikom Zeqo (translated by Anastas Kapurani and Wayne Miller) Parashikime Të Frikshme (Terrifying Predictions)
Rachel Linnea Brown Catechism
John Morgan Vision
Rebecca Lehmann Father Time Has a Face Made of Late-Season Vegetables
Barbara Hamby Ode to Augurs, Ogres, Acorns, and Two or Three Things That Have Been Eating at My Heart Like a Wolverine in a Time of Famine
Alice Friman Tarnished
Stephen Kampa Near the Threshold
Max Garland Sciurus carolinesis | The Word We Used for It