Issue 8
Issue 8: spring/summer 2009
All Poetry Issue

Barbara Hamby Ode on Giving, War, and the Lighthouse at Alexandria

Heather Sellers My Elementary School in Orlando | Built on the Site of the Fountain of Youth | Teacher Reuniting with Twelve Students at a Restaurant

Chip Livingston Poemx (that I thought broke my heart)

Charles Sand Sister’s Song | Ballad of an Ass Treading Toward an Angel

Tom Lombardo Sun Cloud Night Dawn

Charles Wyatt Haspenald | Maffle | Dittology

Olivia Clare The Beaten Brothers

Jona Colson Doctor to Patient

Molly Kugel First Night in the Palace | History of Shell

Heather Hamilton Shark | Desert Flying: Algeria, 1942

F. J. Bergmann Reflecting

Kathleen Cochran Companion | Approximate Wait Time Will Be

K. Edwards High Times

Charles Baudelaire (translated by James McColley Eilers) La Beauté (Beauty)

Pablo Medina At the Blue Note | The Highway of Blazing Cars

Susan Browne Zephyr | Mandolin

Christopher Bakken 17.xi.07 | Vise

Erinn Batykefer Before You Wake

W. S. Di Piero The Light Box | The Big Beach Book

Hailey Leithauser The Moon Speaks of the Lives of Caesars

Robert Schultz (photographs by Binh Danh) from Transmigrations

Devon McC Jackson UXOs

Anne Shaw Hobble

T. Zachary Cotler No Coincidence | At Keats Grove, Hampstead

Aimee Nezhukumatathil The Secret of Soil

David Kirby Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Carrie Jerrell Big Daddy

Michael Loughran Letters to Noelle | What We Need the Most Will Be at First Refused

Sara Pennington from The Primer of Zinnie Lucas: An Abecedarium

Timothy O’Keefe If Palinurus | Candle

Eric Bliman Hades Dreams of Winter in Springtime

Billy Collins As Usual

Jessica Johnson Barnacles

Kevin Cantwell Carpenters at Carrabelle

Danielle Sellers The Wrecker’s Wife, Key West, 1841

Chris Tanseer Wallace in the Tropics | Charles & Emma

Paige Hill Starzinger Border Land

Ellen Goldstein The Pleiades: Electra

Amanda Carver Whatever It Is | Second Grade

Stephanie Kartalopoulos When I Miss Him

Stefanie Wortman Family Plot

Allen Braden Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

Andrew Kozma A Firm Belief in Unfettered Joy

Sandra Meek Moth Season

Colette Inez Revery of Sappho

Robert Herschbach Loose Weather | Cul-de-sac

Kathleen Hellen Optimism: The Pikesville cheerleaders before the game

Terri Witek Walking Fertile

Joanna Preston Breaking Up

Claudia Burbank Opera

Richard Lyons As an Espionage Film with Subtitles

Kate Angus I Will Begin Tagging “Sad Robot Inc.” . . . | Thank You Again, Brooklyn, for the Free Coffee

Mihaela Moscaliuc Dreaming in Romanian

Stephen Kampa Upon Finishing Don Juan | The Reclamation of Paradise

Daniel Wolff Green Heron