Issue 10
Issue 10: spring/summer 2010

Chris Bachelder Abbott in High Grass

Alex Perez Eggs

Sheila Kohler Diamonds

Roy Kesey Scree

Padgett Powell Losing the Wax


Kevin Prufer Recent History | Burial Song
David Starkey Annunciation
Aleš Šteger (translated by Brian Henry) from Knjiga Re i (The Book of Things)
Maurice Manning The Man Who Went to Sleep | The Intemperance of May in Kentucky | The Tin Roof the Birdsong and the Rain | The Two Crows in the Autumn Field | The Very Notion of God as a Clingstone Peach!
Susan Meyers Dear Black-Hooded Parakeets at the Intersection,
Jeffrey Bean The Bread | Why I Quit Playing Text Twist
Erika Meitner To Whom It May Concern:
Joshua McKinney Vespertine
Martha Collins One called Nightmare Wishing
Theodore Worozbyt Pins
Wayne Miller Bombing the City
Rob Schlegel from American Bloom
Frannie Lindsay Let me keep some of the dust from home