Issue 7
Issue 7: winter/spring 2009

James Magruder Tenochtitlan
Olga Slavnikova (translated by Marian Schwartz) Substance
Peter Cameron The End of My Life in New York
Molly Giles Give Me That
Jarret Rosenblatt A Kind of Falling
Eva Talmadge Caroline
Padgett Powell Cry For Help From France


Idra Novey A History in Six Couplets
Kim Garcia And in the beginning was all the after | The City of Z
Alice Friman Medea, Intent | Tybee Island
John Ash Impossible | In Jean Dubuffet’s Crimson Landscape | Unasked For
Jehanne Dubrow Couplets | Modeled on the Verse of a Yiddish Poet | Fragment From a Nonexistent Yiddish Poet
Albert Goldbarth The Ardent Desire | Doesn’t Mean We Understand | The Power of Less
Denise Duhamel & Sandy McIntosh from “237 More Reasons to Have Sex”
Seth Abramson The Nigerian Metanarrative
George Manner Path of the Storm
Salgado Maranhão (translated by Alexis Levitin) #4 from Terra chã (#4 from Flatlands) | #6 from Terra chã (#6 from Flatlands)
Mark McKee Some Names of Ships
Jim Daniels One Word
Chad Davidson Controlled Burn
Benjamin Pryor If Making Love Were Thought | Up Near Balsam
Adam Day Badger in Mourning
Les Murray Lunar Eclipse | The Kiln Cavalry of Xian | Phone Canvass
TWIXT Three Poems
Deborah Ager The Hours
Jordan Davis Do You Want To
Ada Limón Bird Bound for a Good World
Timothy Green What Passes for Optimism at MacArthur Park
Randall Mann Monday | Translation
Gregory Fraser Hephaestus Calls My Brother Home
Andrea L. Watson Skin
Roberto Juarroz (translated by Mary Crow) Escamas de una pequeña sabiduria (Scales of a Little Wisdom)