Issue 26

Issue 26: fall/winter 2018

Tyler Barton Breakthrough Mailboxes of Southern Pennsylvania

Emily Flouton The Three Vaporizing Babes

Alex Pickett Ankle Grabber

George Singleton Cock Rescue

Josh Russell Grownups

Sarah Edwards Dead Dog

Justin Taylor Ash Street

Ed Lawrence Ernest’s Day at the Beach


Nicholas Pierce How Do You Wear Your Nakedness?

George David Clark Black Light | The First Supper

Anastasia Strokina (translated by Jaimie Holmes and Christian Teresi) БОТИНКИ (Little Boots) | ВОСЕМЬ МИНУТ (Eight Minutes) |КРАСНОЕ СЕЛО (Krasnoye Selo)

Jeff Ewing Tveitt in Absentia

Sylvie Baumgartel The Washing | Cum Clave

Noah Warren Hermit Thrush

Kirstin Allio Swan Point XX.

Rachel Mannheimer Egyptian Wing | Pére Lachaise

Mira Rosenthal Sublet, Pay-Later System

Richard O’Brien Closed Doors

Poster Designs

Emile Hugon Jo. Bouillon | Anny Ondra | Milton | Casino Wagram | Georgius | Germaine LIX