Issue 27

Issue 27: spring/summer 2019

Judy Troy Finding Bill Henry

Santiago José Sánchez You Will Not Cry

Elisa Guidotti The Drama Club

Kevin Wilson Kennedy

JoAnna Novak Litter

Clarke Levidiotis Miracle of Flight

Robert Walser (translated by Tom Whalen) Rain


Anne Carson Waves

Jana Prikryl Anonymous

Daisy Fried Chorus Line | A Monkey Thing

Alison Pelegrin Royal Ancestry

Leigh Anne Couch My Dream of You Isn’t Over

Yousef el Qedra (translated by Yasmin Snounu, Edward Morin, and George Khoury  (Embroidered with Hail)

Rebecca Ariel Porte Senhal and the Mechanical Demands | Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge My Vow (An Abecedarian) | Senhal’s Nouvelle Vague

Mary Meriam EOS

J. S. Westbrook Bull Gator | Holding Patterns | Protect Our Wetlands

Erin O’Luanaigh Italian Tryptich


Cameron Thomas Snyder Houses of the Holy