Issue 34

Issue 34: Summer/Fall 2023

Laura Furman Burning Heaven

Mitchell Galloway Uncle, Uncle


Susan Stewart The Junkman

Heather Altfeld Letter to Me from Tissardmine

Austin Allen Better Half | The Wise Old Owl

Jesse Nathan Aubade within Aubade | Archilochus

Mary Jo Bang Our Evening Is Over Us | The Fable of a Fabric Woven with Resistance | What Would I Have Been | Elegy for Two | When I Was an Inanimate Object

Nicholas Friedman Ampersand

Hannah Whiteman Make Me an Elephant Ear, Wide

Henry Gould The Green Ray

Carol Moldaw Keisaku Palm | Painter and Model (II)

Jehanne Dubrow Dear Geryon— | Dear Glass— | Dear Camera— | Dear Cat’s Eye Marble—

Troy Jollimore To Madeleine,

Andrew Motion Autumn Light | Caving


Troy Jollimore The Leap into the Void