Issue 14
Issue 14: spring/summer 2012

Marie Darrieussecq (translated by Paul Curtis Daw) A Diamond as Big as Biarritz
Chinelo Okparanta Fairness
Vsevolod Benigsen (translated by Marian Schwartz) Movsar and the Terrorists
Maxine Swann On Pola Oloixarac’s Wild Theories
Pola Oloixarac (translated by Roy Kesey) from Wild Theories
Jacob M. Appel Canvassing
Tim Wirkus An Intrusion
Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud (translated by Edward Gauvin) Final Residence
Peter Stamm (translated by Michael Hofmann) The Suitcase


Jean-Pierre Rosnay (translated by J. Kates) Courrier du Soir (Evening Mail) | Le Mendiant Distrait (The Distracted Beggar)
Bruce McRae One Night Only
Jennifer Richter Mom, watch—
Charles Baudelaire (translated by Lola Haskins) Chacun Sa Chimère (To Each His Chimera) | L’Étranger (The Stranger)
David Huddle Wren & Bear
Brandon Kershner Funeral