Issue 16
Issue 16: spring/summer 2013

A. L. Major Antonya’s Baby Shower on Camperdown Road

George Choundas John Tan Can’t Play Classical Guitar

Jean Ferry (translated by Edward Gauvin) Bourgenew & Co.

Becky Hagenston The Upside-Down World

Scott Bradley Smith Box Boy

Christopher Merkner Cabins

Jerry Rosco On Glenway Wescott’s “The Odor of Rosemary”

Glenway Wescott The Odor of Rosemary

Emma Smith-Stevens Parachutes


Daniel Anderson The First Hot Saturday in May | Easter Sundays

C. Wade Bentley Askew

Lesley Wheeler Inside the bright

Jen Jabaily-Blackburn What I Am, What I Might Have Been

Teresa Ott Valentine

Greg Allendorf Adam,

Peter Filkins Shell

Geoffrey Brock Wilson’s Carolina Parakeet: 1810

Melissa Range Regionalism

David Kirby Sexy Republicans

Mary Jo Salter No Second Try

Diane Schenker Merge and Acquire | Epithalamium

Anzhelina Polonskaya (translated by Andrew Wachtel) Taiga | Pages of Winter

Peter Kline Heart Murmur | From the Interim

Kirsten Hampton Tempo

Robert Danberg Trajectory

Pamela Murray Winters Avocado

Alex Fabrizio The Map of the World

John Hoppenthaler Eminent Domain

Jerry Harp Witness

Jake Adam York Epistrophy | Dear Brother,