Issue 17

Issue 17: winter/spring 2014

John Moran Millennium
Margarita Khemlin (translated by Lisa Hayden) Shady Business

Aaron Hamburger Honeymoon for One
China Miéville Säcken

Ervin Lázár (translated by Andrea Nemeth-Newhauser) Schimpf, the Smoke

Viktor Shenderovich (translated by Marian Schwartz) Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Brooks Sterritt Items for Sleeping and Lying


Anis Shivani Authorship in Contemporary American Literature


Carol Frost Ornithology

Jill Osier A History of the Paragraph

Benjamin Landry Aquarium

Bruce Bond Dickinson

Alexandra Teague American Progress | Bison Bison
Lesley Harrison [God speaks]

Matt Morton Today’s Forecast | Composition in Red

Katherine Coles Penguin Shot

Traci Brimhall Inside the Runaway Nun’s Suitcase I Saw an Incomplete Vision of the Future and Sacrament
John Poch The Cy Twombly Gallery

David Wagoner Wearing a Flower

Sandra Marchetti Never-Ending Birds

Katherine Lucas Anderson Rose Red
Andrew Kozma Ode to the Common Housefly
Brett Foster Psychomachia

Suzanne Dracius (translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson) Odysséenne (Odyssean)
Charles Wuest Invitation
Jennifer Sweeney Sleep theory

C. Dale Young Money

C. J. Sage Western Sand Dollars

Terry Eicher Uses of the Baobab