Issue 19

Issue 19: spring/summer 2015

Amie Barrodale The Sew Man
Owen King Confederate Wall
Emma Smith-Stevens Some Ongoing Etc.
Caleb Crain The Usual Labyrinth
Gabriel Louis Francique
Sebastian Boensch Death Sentence(s)


Ed Allen People of the Car: A Failed Apology
K. E. Semmel A Note on Galina Werschenska
Galina Werschenska (translated by K. E. Semmel) from My Life with Doré


Christine Poreba What Are the Words For This?
Claudia Emerson Pasture Accident | Cyst
Katherine E. Young Dénouement
Natalie Shapero Passion in Public | One-Eyed Dog
Chad Hanson Pelican
Paula Bohince Long-Tailed Blue Bird Flying Over Azalea Blossoms | A Woman Coming From Under the Mosquito Netting and Lighting Her Pipe at the Wick of a Lantern
Eleanor Stanford Medical History
Kevin Phan Fledgling
Jill Osier A City You Keep | Love Affair That is the Walk Home
Daniel Wolff “Moon Spills on River…” | “Who Mutters in the Night…”
V. Hansmann My Barber’s Arm
Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton Spy
Darin Ciccotelli This is Called Summer
John Wall Barger On a Metro Gliding at the Edge of Jungles Where Tigers Walked
John Estes Native Speakers of a Language Cannot Be Wrong
Homer (translated by Keyne Cheshire) from The Iliad: The First Words