Issue 13
Issue 13: winter 2012

Maggie Shipstead In the Olympic Village

Emmett Shepard Two Down

Timothy Cook Champagne Suburban

James Magruder Very Lambert Strether

Allegra Goodman Sheba

Paul Willems (translated by Edward Gauvin) Cherepish

Amy Hempel The Doll Tornado


Anis Shivani What Should Be the Function of Criticism Today?


Joanna Pearson The Body as a Condensed History of Commerce

Bruce Bond The Enlightenment

Todd Boss Broke

A. E. Stallings Autumn Pruning

David Huddle Linguistics 101 | Beautiful Aunt

Cai Qijiao (translated by Edward Morin, Fang Dao, and Dennis Ding) A Few Thoughts

Jim Daniels Forgetting the Names of Dinosaurs

Karyna McGlynn I tried to write the truth, but it made me miserable | Ouvrir

Caki Wilkinson Outtakes | Wynona’s Dead Friend Nancy

Hailey Leithauser Veritas Interruptus

Elton Glaser Mad in Manhattan

Rafael Alberti (translated by Carolyn Tipton) Retornos Del Amor En Una Azotea (Love Returns Up on the Roof)

Jill Osier Guadalquivir

Jay Baron Nicorvo Wish for Mortgage, Taste Glue

Vicente Aleixandre (translated by Stephen Kessler) Esperas (You Wait)

Anne Marie Rooney Staging Sonnet | Lake Sonnet

Patrick Ryan Frank Las Manos de Juan Perón