Issue 18
Issue 18: fall/winter 2014

Bernard Quiriny (translated by Edward Gauvin) A Neverending Bender
Sheila Kohler A Common Ancestor
Mark Jude Poirier The Yalie
Chinelo Okparanta Hello, I Think You’re Gorgeous!
Patricio Pron (translated by Kathleen Heil) One of the Last Things My Father Said to Me
John Weir Hurts
Amy Hempel Fort Bedd


Christina Nichol Infinite Village | Riding in the Car with Muslim Boys


Matthew Lippman Disappear Like an Owl
Jon Loomis At the Diamond School of Dance | Whitefish Lake, Fifth of July
C. Dylan Bassett When after too much, Job finally fell asleep
Circe Maia (translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval) ¿Se oye el ruido de la limadura? (Can you hear the sound of filing?)
Edward Mayes Norbi Lábas Sings Ótöm Leves | We Think Again About Mortmain
Angie Hogan Flirt’s Tragedy Redux
Christopher Citro The Secret Life of Little Girls
Charles Wyatt Tyromancy | Burdalone
Katherine Bode-Lang Daughter II
Geri Doran Morning in Lower Boscaswell | Fish Light
Bruce Beasley The Responsive Amens
Cally Conan-Davies What Beauty Sleeps
Jehanne Dubrow Sutherland in Concert
Mel Kenne Snail Wail
Analicia Sotelo A Little Charm
Jennifer Atkinson Landscape of One Hundred Words
Okla Elliot The Patience of the Land Mine
Lisa Hartz The Boy, Kandinsky, 1876
Brandon Kershner Our Lady of the Brilliant Sky