Issue 22

Issue 22: fall/winter 2016

Laura Furman How I Left New York
Patricia Lear Here Is the Church, Here Is the Steeple
Russell Dame Committed
Mark Labowskie Protecting
Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud (translated by Edward Gauvin) The Fatted and the Fleshless
Heather Wells Peterson Blender
Julia Slavin Groundbreaker


RL Goldberg A Conversation With My Father


Arnold Mesches Band 2


Gwyneth Lewis (translated by the Author) Henaint (Old Age)
Sinéad Morrissey Articulation | Das Ding An Sich
Jennifer Moxley If a Lion Could Talk | Article of Faith | On the Level | The Honest Cook’s Insomnia
Troy Jollimore Landscape with Ambiguous Symbols | The Adventure
Lawrence Joseph Back to That | Made of This, Sensory Fact
Chris Forhan Accidental Altar | One Note Song
Walter Smelt Sasha
Tana Jean Welch Origin Story
Matthew Valades Asparagus | Strawberries
C. P. Cavafy (Translated by A. E. Stallings) Δημητρίου Σωτήρος (On Demetrius Soter, 162-150 B.C.)
A. E. Stallings The City | Gentleman Crow | Champagne