Issue 5
Issue 5: winter/spring 2008

Chris Bachelder Gatsby’s Hydroplane

John Brandon The Coming Summer

Suzanne Halmi No More Happy Birthdays

Roy Kesey Stump

Owen King Nothing Is in Bad Taste

Marshall N. Klimasewiski Aëronauts

Paul Lisicky The Didache

Ben Stroud Borden’s Meat Biscuit


Mark Doty Still Life: Coda


Jonathan Barrett 10 O’clock News

Ann Buggey Fish

Marina Colasanti (translated by Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey) Jantar familiar (Family Dinner) | No silêncio (Amidst Silence)

Sally Dawidoff At Twenty | Psychoanalyric

Geri Doran The Dark Octaves | Swan Goes

Ori Joseph Fienberg The Seasons

Martin Galvin Crazy Bones

Bob Hicok What is the etymology of etymology?

Mark Jarman Ownership

Jan Marie LaPerle Motherhood

Jeanne Larsen The Garden of Roses

Beth Martinelli Water-Bearing Bodies

J. Morris When She Told Me No

H. E. Sayeh (translated by Chad Sweeney and Mojdeh Marashi) Ghorrobe Chaman (Sunset on the Green) | Tasvir (Image)

Heather Sellers Listening to the New Tom Petty

Anis Shivani The War in Iraq Poses Irreducible Problems in Identification

Ben Sonnenberg The Goat in the Moonlight | Speedwriting | Jessica’s Farewell | Paris

C. Dale Young Blood