Issue 25

Issue 25: spring/summer 2018

Weike Wang Spa Day

Leslie Parry Said T.E. Lawrence Picking up his Fork

Sheila Kohler The Nanny

Rebecca Miller Total

Pierre Bettencourt (translated by Edward Gauvin) Disturbing the Peace | My Arm | My Clothes | Still Me | Disembodied | Pierre E. | Three Men Aboard | Stone Sickness | Voyage to India | A Sunken Face

Bill Gaythwaite A Place in the World

Katherine Williams Lula, Florida, August 1964

Charlie Sterchi Swept Along


Peter Cole These Pieces

Nathaniel Mackey Boding the He’d-Have-Said Church | Song of the Andoumboulou: 177

Kevin Prufer Dignity | Artist’s Statement

Wayne Miller On History

Alyssa Towns Adirondacks | The Farthest Reaches of the Words | The Whispering Gallery 

Colby Cotton Francis Bacon Triptych, May–June 1973 | Neighbor, | Speaking to the Dead | Canisteo Invocation | The Behavior of Mirrors in the Summer Gardens

Carol Moldaw Struck Dumb


William Walker FedEx for Life

Deborah Levy The Milky Way