issue 23

Issue 23: spring/summer 2017

George Singleton Eclipse

Zehra Nabi Stoners

Patrick May The Japanese Couch

Timothy Schirmer Swimming Pool

Michael Deagler Southwark

Hennie Aucamp (translated by Ian Ferguson) The Wardrobe

Nini Bernt Fondly


Anis Shivani Notes on the Ascendancy of Identity Politics in Literary Writing

Paul Crenshaw Twelve Bible Stories in Need of Revision


Inna Kabysh (translated by Katherine E. YoungНА КРАЮ (On the Edge) | «НА ЭЛЕКТРИЧКУ БРАЛИ БИЛЕТЫ» (“We Bought Tickets for the Electrichka”) | ЩЕЛКУНЧИК (The Nutcracker) | «СНАЧАЛА ЖАЛЬ ТОЛЬКО ТАТЬЯНУ» (“At First One Pities Only Tatiana”) | «ДРУЗЬЯ ПОЗНАЮТСЯ В СЧАСТЬЕ» (“Friends in Happiness are Friends Indeed”)

Dante Alighieri (translated by Steven Kronen) Inferno—Canto XXI, 1–36 (Inferno—Canto XXI, 1–36) | Guido, i’ vorrei che tu e lapo ed io (Dante to Guido Cavalcanti)

Eugenio Montale (translated by Steve Kronen) Mottetti XX (Motet XX)

Daniel Wolff From Ayiti

Karthik Purushothaman Tripadvisor

Ashley Keyser The Scythian Barrows I Have Never Seen | The Kittens’ Wedding

Stephen Priest To Find Comfort in Others

Vidyan Ravinthiran Old Woman on the Train | My Thumb

Allan Peterson Outvoted

Peter Kline Three Mirrorforms

David Landon Montaigne on the Human Condition

Matthew Buckley Smith Drinking Ode

Jonathan Greenhause An Accumulation of Lasts Includes

Allison Adair As for the Glossy Green Tractor You Were | Recurring Dream