Issue 2
Issue 2: spring/summer 2006

Rachel West Carpenter Travel Story
Tony D’Souza Magic Muffler
Willem Elsschott Will-o’-the-Wisp
Allan Gurganus “We, of Weedland”
Sheila Kohler The Golden Dove
Padgett Powell Did We Party Last Night?
Liz Prato Underneath the Magnolia Tree When Magnolias Were in Bloom
Jarret Rosenblatt Rhythmically


James Lord Giacometti’s Goddess
Robert Schultz The Ephemera
Cynthia Zarin Real Estate


Jennifer Atkinson The Black Fox of Salmon River | Rafting Lowe River
Geoffrey Brock Flesh of John Brown’s Flesh: Dec. 2, 1859 | Charles Graner Is Not America
Billy Collins No Things
Paola Corso Step by Step with the Laundress
Peggy Smith Duke Hen Party
Matthea Harvey Museum of the Middle
Brandon Kershner Liberation
Michael Loughran Incident Report | My Relationship with With
Jacques Prévert (translated by J.T. Barbarese) Le désespoir est assis sur un banc (Park Bench Sphinx) | Chanson des escargots qui vont a l’enterrement (Did You Hear the One About) | Riviera (Taking It In)
Vivian Laramore Rader Everglades | On Having and Had | Hens