Issue 6
Issue 6: spring/summer 2008

John Brandon Naples. Not Italy.

Nadia Kalman Ruslan and Ludmila and Osip and Stalina

Ricardo Silva Romero (translated by Joel Streicker) The Husband of Maria Klossner

Jacob M. Appel Ad Valorem

Timothy Cook Red Star

Celeste Ng Trick

Peter Wells A Titled Lady Requires . . .


Averill Curdy To the Mysterie & Company of Merchant Adventurers for the Discoverie of Regions, Dominions, Islands, & Places Unknown | Cold Heart

Silvio D’Arzo (translated by Douglas Basford) Così vinti dal dolore (So overcome with pain)

Eric Van Cleve Shelley Explains the Concept of the Burqa to Keats

G. C. Waldrep The Conquest of Mexico | Para(ballad)

A. E. Stallings Listening to Peter and the Wolf with Jason, aged 3 | The Dress of One Occasion

Ben Debus Swimming Obol River with My Brother, Spooner County, WI

Bruce Bond Tuning Fork

Jeffrey Kahrs Serving Tongs

Hai Zi (translated by Ye Chun) Crossing the Ocean Holding a White Tiger | Four Sisters

John Kinsella Canto of the Theatre of Cruelty | Canto of the Struck | Canto of the Others

Anne Marie Rooney Gospel of Mary | Italian Winter

Reginald Shepherd Being Cold

Peter Cooley The Hurricane Poem

Mark McBride In the Indian River Lagoon

Dan Pinkerton Bullied

Peggy Smith Duke Jet Cars

Barry Benson Aunt Clara’s Correspondence

Richard Kenney Volkerwanderung Again | Lightning Strikes the Protein-Rich Post-Cambrian Tide Pool

Cody Walker Alcatraz, and Back

Mark Terrill A Poem for Those Who Mean Well

Mark McKain Job’s Cookbook

Megan Savage & Tracy Truels Accidental Death #1, Pauline | Accidental Death #2, Katie and Jessica The Sisters

Tomaž Šalamun (translated by Brian Henry and the author) Vrela grla (Boiling Throats)

F. Daniel Rzicznek Greenbottle’s Tattoo

Joseph Campana Ladybug

John Poch A Sail

Corey Marks Loss

Katherine Bode-Lang Threshing

Terese Svoboda Painting Day

Joanne Childers The Hour Angle

David Chandler Anniversary Poem

Barry Spacks Style

Glenn Shaheen The Halifax Explosion

Kathleen Rooney Brazilian Wedding: Dream No. 8

Lisa Bower Bookends

Jay Baron Nicorvo Stone

Ryan Flaherty The Approach | Diurnal

Arthur McMaster Unexpected Telephone Call

Brenda Sieczkowski Sonnet Malhônnete

Christine Poreba Courting, Paynes Prairie

Bruce McRae Conspiracy

Suzanne Zweizig Bicycling from Todtnauberg | Cicada

Catherine Wing Counting Song #5